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Want More Love in Your Life? Fall for Yourself, First

As we age, we change and grow into new people with new expectations, wants, and needs. Feeling lonely or disconnected from others during your aging journey may mean it’s time to take a deep breath and check in with yourself. Learn how this helped Lois refocus her goals for retirement and fall in love with the new version of herself.

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Peace of Mind Begins with a Custom Care Plan

Even aging twins require unique care plans that fit their individual lifestyles. Growing Options believes that a custom care plan can help navigate aging challenges and alleviate the tension that usually comes with them. Learn how Growing Options can help you and your family with a custom aging care plan.

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Prepare But Don’t Panic: Planning for Natural Disasters

From fires to floods to tornadoes, severe weather events remind us that it’s important for families to plan and prepare. It’s especially important to make sure seniors are on the same page and know what to do in case of emergency. To keep your loved ones safe, you can take these steps now to prepare and avoid any panic that could potentially put everyone at more of a risk.

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What Matters with a Diet

People who don’t have long-term success with a diet often feel like failures, but there are powerful biological reasons that it’s difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Instead of going to extremes with dieting, try these more realistic tips and tricks.

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Arts and Crafts at All Ages

Imagination and creativity can flourish in older adults, and you don’t have to be a master artist to have fun and create something beautiful. Besides being fun, being creative can improve your mood and your cognitive function. It’s a positive way to exercise your brain and reduce stress and boredom. Access your creativity today!

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It’s Time to Reap what You’ve Sown

“But what if I need it later?” The first reason most seniors list for why they’re not using the financial and medical benefits they’ve worked their whole life to save up for. A care manager can help you determine if it’s the “right time” to use your long term care insurance and how to use it for the best quality of life.

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Tips to Defrost from Winter and Spring into Spring!

As spring starts and vaccinations are more available, recommended restrictions are easing. It is a good time for seniors to find ways to boost their spirits. Here are some ideas if you are having a tough time coming out of ‘winter hibernation’ or feel stuck in a rut.

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Nutrition for the Body and Mind

The foods you eat can directly affect your energy level, mood, and general physical health. Many seniors who maintained a balanced diet before the pandemic with restaurants and family food drop-offs are now struggling to find the balance in isolation. Learn how Joan’s small changes in her diet made a huge impact in her overall well-being, and how you can too.

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships When You’re a Caregiver

Like many caregivers I’ve worked with, Ruth cared deeply about her mother and her family’s welfare but almost always put her own needs at the bottom of the list. A few small changes helped Ruth feel more in control and her quality of life and her relationships improved. Learn how you can do the same here.

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Helping Your Senior Feel their Best for the New Year

Helping your senior feel their best is a matter of helping them improve their quality of life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Strong connections with others, feeling useful, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy eating all contribute to a sense of well-being, no matter what your age.

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