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Mom’s Leftovers Are Hiding in the Refrigerator

Admitting that elderly parents need help at home can be hard for both them and their children. However, getting them the right assistance can help to preserve their independence for longer and prevent any potential health or safety incidents in the future.

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Save Your Heart Now

Lifestyle, diet, environment, and heredity are all contributing factors to heart disease. As we age, heart disease can present itself at any point, and usually, a diagnosis is what gets our attention which starts us on a plan of prevention. Seniors can benefit from prevention measures regardless of how they have lived their lives. Prevention measures may help slow the progression of heart disease and extend your life.

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The Right Help

Stress in an unavoidable part of caregiving. But for the sake of your health and well-being, it’s important to take steps to manage stress and take care of yourself. If you are taking care of a loved one, you need to be sure to take care of yourself, too.

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Six Ways You Can Help Your Senior Family Member Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is when being alone creates a feeling of sadness. Many seniors and elderly are alone for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons may be the loss of a partner or spouse, distance from family, as well as mobility and memory issues. These all will contribute to that feeling of loneliness, especially if they are also hindered with the ability to get out and connect socially as they once did. The holidays can really bring these feelings to the surface for your family member.

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Enjoying the Holidays with Seniors

While there’s a lot to anticipate over the holiday season, for growing families whose ages range across multiple generations, there can be a lot of pressure to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. Having a strategy in place to deal with anticipated difficulties, and making adaptations to traditions and activities can help make your holiday season merry and bright!

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Moving an Aging Parent Into Your Home

At some point, many adult children will face the reality of caring for their elderly parents or grandparents. If your aging loved one is unable to live alone or live at their home any longer, an option may be moving them into your home. Before moving them into your home, there are things that you should consider.

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Mission to Space

The sky is truly the limit for all of us. Our own limitations and health may keep our feet firmly planted on the gravitational pull of the earth but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most of every day despite aging.

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Why are Hobbies Important for Seniors

Hobbies provide seniors with the opportunity to experience new things, divert their attention from the stresses of everyday life, and meet new people. As they enter their golden years, many older adults are left with more time on their hands, and can find comfort in new interests to help them pass the time, while improving their mental and physical health.

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Scams Against Aging Adults are Easy to Fall Into

Millions of Americans 65 & older fall victim to fraud and scams every day. Cognitive decline, phycological vulnerability, their overly trusting nature, social isolation, and a lack of knowledge and information regarding current scams and fraud prevention all contribute to the victimization of seniors that happens every day.

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A Memory Box for Dementia

For those living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other types of memory loss, it can be difficult for them to recall events or people from the past. A Memory Box filled with special keepsakes from past holidays, memorabilia, and souvenirs from special events, along with other significant items from the person’s past can help trigger recall and stimulate the senses. It can also provide you a valuable opportunity to learn about your loved one’s past.

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