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When a Parent Forgets Your Name

I knew from experience exactly what Maria was describing. My own father had died twelve years earlier after rapidly declining from early-onset Alzheimer’s. He was only sixty-nine. Seeing my father in the nursing home was always painful, but when he stopped recognizing...

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My Journey to Becoming a Geriatric Care Manager

My adventure into Geriatric Care Management grew from a small seed of thought, which grew into more serious thoughts due to my experiences as the Director of Social Services at a Skilled Nursing facility (SNF). Time after time, as a discharge planner, I would need to...

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Behavior Problems in the Elderly Part 1

As a GCM, I am often consulted when a family member or caregiver is extremely frustrated due to ongoing issues with their loved one’s behaviors that they have had increasingly more difficulty controlling. I often feel like a broken record, but the bottom line is that...

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Behavior Problems in the Elderly Part 2

What prompted the writing of my previous post was, as I said on the onset that I am often contacted by a family member or a caregiver who is struggling with a behavior that continues to escalate and attempts to redirect his or her behavior have failed. Although this...

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Offering ‘Peace of Mind’ for Long-Distance Caregivers

For those who are long-distance caregivers, worrying about if a parent might take a fall or have other health issues without them knowing is a major concern. Lifeline is a medical alert system available in 50 states. I spoke with Lifeline Representative, Joy Balsamo...

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Why Aging in Place is Important

I am passionate about aging in place (or finding the next best option if aging in place is not possible) because I believe that the quality of life can be enhanced with appropriate systems and safety nets, even with the additional challenges that the elder population...

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Wandering: A Preventable Danger

Wandering is one of the most common and potentially dangerous behaviors among patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. For families and caregivers of seniors living with AD (Alzheimer’s/Dementia), it is imperative that we understand the many causes of...

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Aging in Place: New Tools Facilitate an Old Idea

Aging in place is a concept that is getting a lot of attention these days. Simply put, it refers to the movement toward keeping seniors in their own homes for as long as comfortably possible. When polled, most people say that they want to continue to stay in their own...

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Is Hospice the Right Choice?

I became a hospice volunteer years ago, after attending a family friend’s funeral. During the service, I listened to his adult children describe their father’s last days under hospice care, and I was struck by how peaceful his transition seemed to be for him and his...

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