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Whether you or your family member need elder, geriatric, or aging care management, or you have a family member who needs mental health assistance, Growing Options works with all ages of adults and their families to find solutions to care challenges. If you are not sure how to solve a care challenge, reach out to Growing Options today!

Your Aging Parent or Grandparent Deserve an Enhanced Quality of Life Given Any Circumstances

Effective Care Understands that Every Person and Situation is Unique so Your Family Will Be Heard

You Will Work With a Local Fairfield County Team That Has Over 30 Years of Medical and Mental Health Care Experience

Your Family's Custom Care Plan Brings You Peace of Mind

Your Team Stays Up-To-Date With New Information, New Technologies, New Resources and the Best Providers

As parents and loved ones age, their needs increase and change. You may be concerned about how to provide them with the best care.

This can be an emotionally challenging transition time for everyone involved. You can reach out to Growing Options for help in Fairfield, Connecticut. With decades of experience and knowledge, your Growing Options care partners will guide you toward solutions that best fit your family’s specific needs and preferences.

The commitment to your aging parent, grandparent, or family member facing chronic disease, memory, or mental health challenges is what makes our company different. When you face questions, challenges, and need to address problems as they arise, the team is available and eager to help. You are also not alone when crises occur.

Your family is instantly considered part of the Growing Options family and will be treated to extra effort to ensure that all of their care needs are met. Whether the needs are geriatric care, aging life care, elder care, or mental health care, the focus is on helping everyone involved and maintaining the best life possible.

You may need Growing Options if you need help with any of the following:

  • Reviewing a living situation to maintain safety
  • Arranging and monitoring in-home help services
  • Helping with nursing home or assisted living facility selection and placement
  • Providing crisis intervention whether it’s physical or mental health care
  • Finding referrals for legal and medical assistance
  • Escorting clients to appointments and activities
  • Sharing care information with authorized family members
  • Offering counseling and support

Whether you or your family member need elder, geriatric, or aging care management, or you have a young family member who needs mental health assistance, Growing Options works with all ages of adults. 

What Our Clients are Saying

Growing Options Restored My Hope

“My grandmother suffers from dementia. Just when I had lost all hope of keeping my grandmother in her own home, I met Lisa Krauss, of Growing Options. Through Lisa’s expertise and care, my grandmother’s quality of life has greatly improved and she remains happily in the home she has known all of her adult life with a loving caregiver found by Lisa. It is clear from working with Growing Options that all of their clients are a priority, and they genuinely cares for each and every one. Lisa and I have faced many difficulties during my grandmother’s journey with dementia, and she has been there for both my grandmother and me every step of the way. I no longer feel so helpless and alone in navigating through the challenges of this horrible disease. I am so grateful for Lisa!”

— Kristen D’Urso – Goshen, Connecticut

Loving Support, Guidance, and Care

“Growing Options provided loving support, guidance and care for my mother over the past few years. It is so challenging to deal with the aging of a loved one and the associated care requirements over time. Lisa Krauss and Growing Options provided the sensitive support and guidance we needed at a very difficult time. I would highly recommend her skilled support to anyone facing the challenge of caring for a loved one who is facing the challenges of age and the associated loss of capability.”

— Anne Mulcahy – Fairfield, Connecticut

The Dignity & Respect My Mother Deserves

“Lisa Krauss, and her team at Growing Options, have been an invaluable resource over the past 1½ years. As my mother’s health has deteriorated, she has provided our entire family with support and counseling, while never losing sight of the fact that her primary advocacy role is for her patient. Her plain speaking to her patient and family allowed my mother to articulate, and her children to truly understand her wishes, and make decisions with those in mind. Her access to trained caregivers allowed Mom to stay at home until recently. When that was no longer possible, she helped us navigate the transition to a skilled-care facility without sacrificing the personal attention that has given her comfort. We were all frightened and thinking only about the crisis that brought us to Lisa initially. She encouraged us to begin talking about the long-term, providing information and resources to educate us every step of the way.  Navigating the process of a family member aging with dementia is painful for everyone. Aided by Growing Options, our family is providing the care, dignity and respect that our mother deserves.”

— A Grateful Daughter – Rye, New York

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