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How Can I Help My Aging Parents?

Have you noticed your aging parent showing signs that he or she needs help but aren’t sure what to do? Learn how a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) can help.

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When an Aging Parent Forgets Your Name

Coping with a parent’s descent into dementia is a tragic situation on many levels. I share my own experience dealing with my father forgetting who I was, and how I help others cope.

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My Journey to Becoming a Geriatric Care Manager

My adventure into Geriatric Care Management grew from a small seed of thought, which grew from a wide range of experience all centered around the idea of how to help seniors live their best life. Learn more about my journey and how I live my dream through Growing Options.

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Dementia and Behavioral Problems-Part 1

Behavioral problems are common in seniors with dementia. Learn what causes these behaviors and how you can adjust, change and adapt the environment that may be triggering the them.

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Dementia and Behavioral Problems-Part 2

In part 2 of this series, I continue discussing behavioral problems in seniors with dementia. Here, I share my experience as a care manager helping a woman who suddenly turned on her caregiver.

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The Importance of Aging in Place

Learn about aging in place and the difference it makes in an aging parent’s quality of life. For services available to seniors in Fairfield County, Growing Options can help.

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