Our team of professional Aging Life Care Managers® serve families in Southbury, Connecticut, and the surrounding community. We help families navigate healthcare, manage dementia or Alzheimer’s, mobility issues, disabilities or other challenges coupled with aging or disability. We are consultants that help coordinate options for care and do not provide hands-on care. We do help find hands-on care if needed.

Speaking to any group of family caregivers, you will find that caregiving often carries a constant undercurrent of worry and uncertainty. Are you providing the best care possible? Are you making the right decisions? Is your loved one getting the highest quality care possible? What should you be doing to make sure you’re not missing something in their care? This is where working with a professional Aging Life Care Manager®, also called a geriatric care manager, will provide the type of guidance and reassurance to you so that you are making informed decisions that assure you during times of uncertainty.

When family caregivers enlist our support, they tell us that they experience a profound increase in their confidence and feel more comfortable with their decisions. Here is what you can expect when you work with a care manager:

Expert Guidance: Care managers draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience in elder care. Knowing that you have a knowledgeable ally by your side will give you clarity as you navigate the complexities of caregiving.

Personalized Care Plans: One of the first steps in our work together is to meet with the older adult and their involved family members to review the current care and potential future care needs. After this meeting we develop a personalized care plan tailored to their specific and unique needs. Your customized plans address all aspects of care, physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, legal, spiritual, etc., ensuring that the care provided is comprehensive and effective.

Advocacy: A key function of our work is to represent the older adult as advocates within the healthcare system. Our focus is to ensure that all care concerns are heard and addressed by healthcare providers, helping to alleviate worries about receiving proper care and attention. We also advocate for them to receive services they qualify for in the community and to make sure that legal documents and financial planning are in place with the appropriate professionals.

Emotional Support: Much of what we do as support partners is providing compassionate emotional support to everyone involved, providing reassurance, encouragement, and a listening ear during challenging times. Knowing that you have someone to turn to for support can help you cope with the stress and emotional strain of caregiving.

Coordination of Care: So much coordination is necessary in this process of caregiving. Whether it is with healthcare providers or other members of the professional care team, we work to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. This coordination of care also helps prevent gaps or overlaps in care, reducing worries about the quality and consistency of care provided.

Regular Updates: Being kept updated on their loved one’s condition and care plan is vital to successful family caregiving, whether you live near or far. This transparency and communication ensure that you feel informed and involved in their care every step of the way.

Access to Resources: We understand the valuable resources and support services available in the community, such as support groups, respite care programs, and financial assistance options. Knowing that we understand additional support options will provide you with comfort knowing that you’re not alone in your caregiving journey.

By enlisting the help of our team, you can experience reassurance knowing that you have a knowledgeable and supportive ally by your side. We offer guidance, advocacy, and emotional support, helping caregivers navigate the challenges of caregiving with confidence.