At Growing Options, we are trained and committed to applying our professional expertise to caring for our clients. On your end, there are steps that you can take as a family member or friend to contribute to your loved one’s overall well-being, even if you are far away. These can range from the arrangement of finances to emotional support, or simply touching base on a regular basis with us as well as the client.

Keep in touch

  • With Us. We make a point to update our clients’ families regularly, and we are always available to answer questions and concerns. We welcome all input from your end, as information is a valuable tool in providing the highest level of care for the aging client.
  • With Your Aging Loved One via phone calls, Skype, FaceTime or an in-person visit if possible. Maintaining contact can be rewarding and enjoyable for you both. Keep in mind: if you notice any changes or signs of problems, let us know right away so that we can assess whether they need to be addressed.
  • Check in with those who have regular contact with your loved one. Although we will be in close contact with caregivers and staff and will regularly relay information, it may also be informative (and comforting) to speak directly with the people who see your loved one on a daily basis.
  • Stay in Contact with Family Members in order to keep everyone informed, and increase the circle of support for the client. Friends and neighbors nearby may want to be of assistance, and can be a helpful source of information as well.


Manage Bills

  • Get documents in order: This might include: aliving will, a living trust, POA (Power of Attorney), POA for healthcare, a standard will and the appointment of conservatorship/guardianship
  • Understand the Client’s Condition. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for developments in the health of your loved one. You will also be better able to share information with health care providers and notice signs of problems.
  • Keep Notes on your loved one’s medical condition, including updates, contact numbers, and insurance information. While we will maintain this information in our files, you may find it helpful to have it handy as well if crises arise.


The client benefits from a team of family and loved ones working together toward the best possible outcome. At Growing Options, we are here to help.


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