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It’s Time to Reap what You’ve Sown

“But what if I need it later?” The first reason most seniors list for why they’re not using the financial and medical benefits they’ve worked their whole life to save up for. A care manager can help you determine if it’s the “right time” to use your long term care insurance and how to use it for the best quality of life.

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Tips to Defrost from Winter and Spring into Spring!

As spring starts and vaccinations are more available, recommended restrictions are easing. It is a good time for seniors to find ways to boost their spirits. Here are some ideas if you are having a tough time coming out of ‘winter hibernation’ or feel stuck in a rut.

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Helping Your Senior Feel their Best for the New Year

Helping your senior feel their best is a matter of helping them improve their quality of life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Strong connections with others, feeling useful, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy eating all contribute to a sense of well-being, no matter what your age.

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Part Two: Smart Homes and Aging in Place

Technology gives people choices they never had before, including the ability to age in place safely at home. While these emerging technologies can’t reduce all risks, they can enable individuals to live more independently and prevent or delay placement in a facility.

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Part One: Technology for Active Seniors

Now more than ever, active seniors have a range of products at their disposal that allow them to live as independently as possible and enhance their quality of life. Growing Options can help find the right technology for your loved one.

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Planning for the Future: Adult Children with Special Needs

Parents or guardians of an adult child with special needs often worry about what will happen when they’re no longer there to provide care. Growing Options helped Louise and David create a care plan for their daughter’s future, giving everyone peace of mind.

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How Can I Help My Aging Parents?

Have you noticed your aging parent showing signs that he or she needs help but aren’t sure what to do? Learn how a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) can help.

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